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As a BtoB and Retail network specialist, Loyalty Company offers an agency ecosystemwith complementary expertise to help advertisers develop their CUSTOMER CAPITAL, by aligning their marketing and sales practices with their customers’ new expectationsand needs.
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Our agency specialises in customer marketing, helpingcompanies develop their customer capital throughout theentire process, from acquisition to engagement, fromloyalty to winning back lost customers.
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The agency dedicated to the performance of retail market players and sales networks, we supports companies in the implementation of facilitation solutions to engage and motivate internal and external sales forces.
The Group’s
Since its creation in 2004, Loyalty Company has integrated and mobilised all theexpertise required to support our clients, from consulting to implementation, includingtechnological (data, web, mobile) and creative know-how. This synergy makes itpossible to guarantee total control and operational excellence over all implemented mechanisms.
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  • Agency Management
  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Customer Management
Consulting Support
Helping our clients grasp and appropriate new practices and assisting them in determining the most effective marketing and sales strategies and mechanisms.
  • Functional Project
  • Project Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Ultra-Personalisation
  • Print
Customer Projects
Orchestrating, operating, deploying and managing marketing campaigns; ensuring operational excellence, active listening and ROI follow-up.
  • Engineering & Software
  • Analysis Data
  • Science Data
  • Project Data
Data Engineering & Data Value
Collecting, centralising, analysing and exploiting customer knowledge in marketing and sales strategies and campaigns.
  • Technical Management
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Technical Project
  • E-Commerce Management
Digital & Technological
Defining, developing and proposing the best technological solutions (sites, applications, platforms) to effectively operate marketing and sales systems.
  • Art Management
  • IU/UX Design
  • Content
  • Social Media
Creation, Content & Social Media
Translating data into creative ideas and staging the brand’s universe to engage customers emotionally.
  • Purchasing and Supply
  • Logistics
  • Customer Relations Center
Reward & Customer Relations Center

Assisting with rewards issues and monitoring your relationship with the beneficiaries of implemented programmes.

  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • IU/UX Design
  • Development
Research and Development / LAB

Anticipating our clients’ needs for designing and deploying effective, pragmatic and profitable solutions. 2 proprietary platforms:

MAX and Be-One.

  • Marketing and Com
  • HR and Training 
  • Administration and Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Data Governance and GDPR
Support Functions
Advising and supporting the Group and its agencies in their development and internal activities.