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Loyalty Company is a truly hybrid agency model that synergistically integrates diverseand complementary expertise (consulting, data engineering, digital, creation,etc.) to meet current and future customer relations challenges.
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Meeting with Sandrine Fonteneau, Art Director and Cyrille Peixoto, Chief Data Officer at Kiss The Bride, about data and creativity.
Meeting with Aude Chevalier, EXECUTIVE MARKETING MANAGER.
Meeting with Elise Mesnildrey, Agency Director. at Muse Motivation
Meeting with Sylvain Desfachelles, Data Engineering Manager at Kiss The Bride.
Meeting with Audrey Bouvier, Product Owner at Muse.
Meeting with Cyrille Le Meaux, Sales Director of Muse, who took part in the interview game.
Meeting with Denis, Security Officer at Loyalty Company Group.
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Working for Loyalty Company means believing in our mission and recognising yourselfin our corporate culture.

At Loyalty Company, you’re more than just another player in the marketing world. Thecompany invests in the men and women who enable the group to grow and satisfy ourcustomers.

Working in collaboration, discovering new job opportunities, learning, gaining expertiseon a daily basis, transmitting your knowledge and evolving by challenging yourself onstimulating projects… This is the promise that we make to our future employees.


  • Male/Female index results in %: Global 97/100. Pay gap 37/40. Individual increase gap 35/35. Percentage of employees receiving raises after returning from maternity leave 15/15. Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the top 10 highest paid 10/10.


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